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    If anybody here investment knowledge, Motif Investing might be the place for you. You can earn royalties by designing a portfolio of stocks or ETFs. If anyone else in Motif Investing decides to invest in the portfolio that you designed, you can get royalties for each person that signs up. You will need some investment knowledge as you will have to pick about 20 or 30 stocks, plus a catchy title that would attract interest I guess.

    I made an account here and I created my own portfolio of a few stocks I wanted to buy. I made it private so no one can see it but I do have a couple of ideas of portfolios I want to design and I will make them public at some point. You can also refer friends and make a bit of money if any of your friends, relatives, etc. decide to open up their own investment account.

    As always, read all the fine print to understand how much each trade costs, etc.

    Here is the link:

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