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    More insanity is these GMOs The seed companies have convinced farmers to use their seed and some are resistant to Roundup and also has the ability to be an insecticide. When Roundup first came out they said that it dissipated in short time in the soil even putting that on their label. After science proved that was not true the removed it. The poor farmers who used these seeds and used Roundup to control weeds found that they no longer could rotate crows like they did for years. Now they are a captive to the seed companies and are not allow using the seeds from their crops but having to buy seeds every year. Telling the farmers they no longer need to use insecticides because the plants have their own so they can save money. The companies who use the products of the farmers are not required and would be sued it they said that these seeds are an insecticide which they are any insect eating the seed will die. Not only the farmers in a caught 22 situation They cannot switch to another crop and after all that science found that Glyphosate which is in Roundup causes cancer. Finally comes down to the consumer who is now eating an insecticide that causes cancer. The corn and soya in the U.S. is now 85% GMO good luck trying to find something that has no corn/soya or even corn syrup in it. Syngenta tried to get seed to market to compete with Monsanto who makes Roundup and they are being sued.

    Syngenta Loses $218 Million Verdict in First GMO Trial Test

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