Monuments Honoring The Confederacy Being Removed

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Augusta Heathbourne, Apr 25, 2017.

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    I am going to see Gone With The Wind tomorrow at a Classic Hollywood retrospective at my local cinema.

    Which reminds me of the news item I saw today that the statues honoring the Confederacy are being removed in various places in the South. It made me sad, but then these commemorations are for the living and what worthy ideals do those men represent to the often majority African-American populations?

    But it still made me feel melancholy to think that not only the generation who lived through the war is long gone but so are their children and grandchildren to whom it meant something important, if not actually sacred, to look back at and to honor. That era really is finally gone with the wind...
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    There are four of these monuments being removed right here in my home state in the city of New Orleans. :( While I am not one who is much for establishing monuments in the first place...I am for preserving History and I am sad that others are offended by it instead and want to "erase" it instead of just learning the lessons to be learned by History.

    I love the move Gone With the Wind although I did not enjoy the sequel to it half as much. I hope you enjoy going to see it very much @Augusta Heathbourne
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