Miss-spelled Title How Can I Fix It?

Discussion in 'Help Requests' started by Sandy Wood, May 14, 2016.

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    I put up a post and realized I had miss-spelled a word in the title. Quickly I hit the edit button but it did not allow me the option of fixing my word. How can I fix it? Or can you do it for me? Title is "Teachers Who Remember You and Those You Remember. What a goof.

    This is in People I Have Known, section.
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    Within 15 minutes of starting a topic, you can edit the subject line, but it would be too late for you to do that now. For future reference, I explain how to do that in this thread.

    I often fix spelling errors in titles when I come across them, and will fix yours for you sometime tomorrow. I am not at home right now, or on my regular computer, and I didn't bring the password for my Admin account with me. Given that someone with Admin access can ruin the forum, the password for my Admin account is one of those long, convoluted ones that I have to copy and paste, since I couldn't ever remember it.
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