Miss Fortune Series By Jana Deleon

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    I just finished book 2 in this series and I'm about to buy #3 for Kindle. I hadn't heard of this writer before, but I am thoroughly impressed. While checking out Amazon for #3, I saw the ratings.... these books have a consistent 5 star rating and that's from 800-900 ratings! I can see why!

    Quick synopsis Mari style: CIA assassin. Girl. Her job is killing people for the CIA and she enjoys it. She killed someone in the Middle East with her shoe (I hope someone at least reads the first book.... it will all make more sense) and now there's a bounty on her head from an arms dealer who will not rest until she's dead.

    So the CIA puts her totally off-grid in the quirkiest little town on the planet. The characters are to fall in total LOVE with... oh my goodness, I will *so* hate when the series is over!

    Anyhow, it's not the Christian fiction I usually read. Uh... well actually it's not even a genre I usually read but it's been probably the best two books I've read in 20 years.

    There is a little nasty language, but not the few words that I personally consider taboo and cringe to hear. No sex yet. Keep in mind I can just at this point vouch for the first two... there are at least 7. Unless it gets raunchy, I will definitely be reading all of them. Books rarely make me laugh out loud. These have, and more than once, yet there's serious subject matter right in there with the delicious humor.

    The cost is $5.99 each for Kindle... uh wait. I think I may have gotten the first one free or I don't know why I would have chosen it (but thank goodness for small favors!)

    First book is called Louisiana Longshot. Oh, be careful to note that Ms. DeLeon allowed some fan fiction by others to use the Miss Fortune name... the series is all Jana DeLeon. I won't be reading the others.
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