Mexican Petunias

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    Today, our neighbor gave us a bag of starts from their Mexican Petunias. These are not actually related to a petunia , as far as I know.
    And they come back each year once you plant them.
    They grow about 3-4 feet tall, and are supposed to attract both butterflies and hummingbirds. Each blossom only lasts a short time; but their blooming time is all summer.
    We planted them along the front yard out by the street where the Jerusalem artichokes are also planted. The lavender blossoms of the Mexican petunia should look pretty along with the lemon-yellow flower on the sunchoke.
    As they are both spreading varieties, eventually the whole front area should be covered in flowers. It is on a fairly steep hillside, and not easy to mow, so having it covered with the irises, sunchokes and petunias will not only really add to our privacy, but also make it much easier to take care of.
    Once they get taller, I will take pictures of how it is looking.

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