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    @Kitty Carmel's comment about bars reminded me that once upon a time I worked as purchasing Manager of Gifford-Hill who was manufacturing a new type center pivot sprinkler system. We wanted and required a new type switch gear for the electrical controls because water would be pouring down and around and it was detrimental that with 480 volts of electoral current flowing through the system no animal or person get electrocuted if one or the other came in contact with the sprinkler. I contacted one of the largest electrical corporations in America, gave them the specifications. When they had something to show us and was ready to bid they invited me and whomever I wanted to bring along to see and watch a demonstration of the switchgear's capabilities, it's safety features, etc. and they seem anxious to show and demonstrate how they conducted a million volts in a shop environment. I briefed the president of our company and the marketing manager, plant manager and my boss who as an attorney and our legal expert on product liability, and suggested we get a team together and visit their plant in Illinois. Those I briefed along with the company's operational manager and myself flew up to the plant outside Chicago. We all checked into a motel ready and eager to visit their plant next morning. They called wanting to take us all to dinner but said they had some bad news. Because they had failed to notify the union of our visit, the union couldn't properly prepare for our visit, the union wouldn't allow us in the plant. It would be at least two days before we could go into the plant. I decline dinner with the electrical company's executives because they were going to wine and dine our people, trying to make up for their boo-boo with the union. The rest of my group,went out to dinner. I stayed at the motel and reviewed and reworked my notes on my part of the negotiations that was sure to lie ahead. About eight o'clock I got Hungary and decided to walk a few hundred yards to a pub I had seen as we approached the motel. The pub was crowded. I finally found a seat beside a large table of rowdy drinkers. I ordered a sandwich and a bear and listened to the guys at the next table. They were also playing darts against each other.

    Once of them, a big, tall red headed guy with a huge beard, stuck his beard in my face and asked if I played darts. I told him I never played another man's game I didn't know him but he looked so easy I thought I'd take him up on it. The redhead said where you from, are you a foreigner; you take funny. By then the whole group was paying attention and were laughing at redhead. I didn't know how to play darts. I asked about rules. They briefly explained. I played darts with two or three of them, bought a round of beer for everyone then we settled in to drink and talk. I told them I was from Texas and was here to tour the the electrical plant down the street, but couldn't because the union wouldn't allow it so I guessed it was a no go. I got hungry so here I sit by a bunch of guys about to drink me under the table. They all started laughing. Redhead asked me why I hadn't gone out tonight with the big wigs. I said that wasn't my style. Redhead asked if I'd like to tour the plant in the morning. I said, you bet, that's why I'm here? He said how about ten a.m. I said sounds great but what do you know about it. Two or three guys said, Red is head of the union. I said something like I'll be damned. You think you're talking to a dart shark and he turn out to be one of the good guys. Red said you're all right, Texas. Ten o'clock, ok. I said, gotcha, thanks.

    When I got back to the motel my crew were not back yet. I left word for my boss to call me when he got. He called about an hour later. I told him the tour was on for ten a.m. in the morning. He said now wait a minuted, the marketing manager just apologized not five minutes ago because we couldn't make the tour tomorrow. What's the deal? I'll be right over, Boggs? I explained I'd had a beer with some of the union guys, including the head of the union. We go at ten. He picked up the phone and called everyone. Next morning the MM called us, said he finally got us clearance to go. He'd see us around nine-thirty. That trip to the Pub was a stroke of luck.

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