Lamb Gyros And Other Expansions

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Cody Fousnaugh, May 15, 2018.

  1. Cody Fousnaugh

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    Aug 12, 2015
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    Head line reads: Roast beef king Arby's is betting big on lamb

    Guess like many, many companies, Arby's is spreading it's wings to other meats. Gee, will they have to change their name? Do you like lamb meat? I've ate a lamb chop before and it's pretty good and tender.

    Midas is no longer called Midas Muffler anymore. They have expanded to include numerous other things, besides mufflers and tailpipe installs.

    Goodyear used to be called Goodyear Tire, but, as with Midas's expansion, not anymore. Goodyear still sells and installs tires, but, like Midas, does many other things. But, Goodyear isn't licensed to do mufflers/tailpipes because they are not equipped to do welding, like Midas is.
  2. Don Alaska

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    Mar 6, 2018
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    I hadn't heard about Arby's adding lamb to the menu. I enjoy lamb sometimes--like in gyros. I wouldn't use it to replace beef or pork. We had goats more many years, and, while we never ate our own animals, we did eat others'. I found kid to be similar to lamb, but milder. I never developed a taste for mutton, however, except for sausage. We had a very nasty ram (when we raised sheep) and we made a lot of very delicious Italian sausage out of him.

    I guess Midas moved to other things since exhaust systems don't corrode like they did with leaded gas. I have kept vehicles for well over 20 years without replacing any of the exhaust. I figure they moved into other areas rather than go out of business. Tires still wear out, however, so I guess Goodyear is just expanding their business model.
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    Nov 16, 2015
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    Oh I love Lamb, we're lucky in the Uk, we have a LOT of sheep so Lamb is very readily available. I don't like pork ( except for bacon) or beef very much...

    Lamb chops are my favourite, I could have them every day if I wanted but I try not to eat too much red meat, so I probably have them once every couple of moths.

    I love Gyros...the first time I had them was in Greece... and I fell in love with them, unfortunately none of the Turkish kebab shops around here sell them, I'd have to drive into London to get the nearest take-out from here

    ..but I know what you mean about shops changing their I went to Poundland...but hardly anything was priced at a Pound any more.
  4. Ken Anderson

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    I hate lamb.

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