Kimchi, Anyone?

Discussion in 'Food & Drinks' started by Yvonne Smith, Sep 24, 2015.

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    Thank you for the good advice, @Krissttina Isobe ,and I did notice that my cucumber was softer after it had sat overnight. I also like it when the cucumber is fresh and crisp better than when it softens up.
    I went to the Asian store again, and this time I got one of those Korean radishes (big light green ones), and I chopped some of that up and put it in the hot sauce.
    The Asian store has cans of the Szechuan chili sauce and they were cheaper than getting it in the bottle, so I also got a can of that which I have been using in my mixture.
    I really like hot stuff, plus cayenne/red pepper sure helps keep a person from catching a cold of flu bug; so I eat lots of it. Before, it was mostly the hot Mexican Salsa; but now that I have discovered the fresh kimchee, I am enjoying that, too.
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    :eek:You know what, I was speaking with my Mom about making Kim Chee with cucumbers she said you got to clean it, cut it up and sprinkle table salt and let it stand in a colander for about half an hour then add your Kim Chee sauce to taste. No rinsing the salt off. The salt works as a dehydrator to the cucumber keeping it crisp longer. Happy Kim Chee eating!
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