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    May 13, 2015
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    Over the years I have donated what I had to donate to both the Salvation Army and the Goodwill organization. I have refused to donate for reason to the Red Cross although my reason may be trifle.

    The Salvation Army does seem to have been in the forefront of helping when help was needed, seeking not publicity for any of their efforts but donations for cause, cause somebody needed help. I had three cousins recruited by the Salvation Army back in ’46 and ’47. They all got her religious training with the Salvation Army, and some of them got clothes or an occasional meal when that meal was not available at home. They worked for their gratuities, sorting clothes, repairing furniture, whatever the Salvation Army needed done that would help them help others.

    When there was a little slack time and someone showed interest, they were taught to play a musical instrument, a guitar, a trombone, or some other horn. They instilled an atmosphere of service. We may have all seen these sometime rag-tag groups standing on the street corners, singing their songs and sometime witnessing to the goodness and forgiveness of the God they served. Sometimes they took up collections or had a something or other to hold donations left by onlookers. The girl eventually left the Salvation Army and married. One of the twin boys was shot and killed on a boys hunting expedition along the Wichita River after a brief argument, which was later ruled an accident. The other twin got an education and served as a major in the Salvation Army, heading up the Organization’s efforts in Oklahoma City.

    I appreciated what the Salvation Army was about, having seen first hand and knowing of many of those involved in the Wichita Falls organization, an organization devoted to helping those who needed help and those poor who worked within the organization. For these reasons and other selfless sacrifices, I donate when I can to this organization soften I support their stores.

    I lived in Lubbock, Texas a long time. I donated to both the Salvation Army and the Goodwill. Goodwill provided jobs for the handicapped boys and girls, men and women when these folks couldn’t find work anywhere else. I knew families who thought it a God sent that their kin could work with goodwill and get paid, giving a sense of self worth nothing else could replace. I donated to Goodwill for these reason.

    In Lubbock I got squinted with a lot of business people, learned what they did in their personal lives when they were not running companies. One in particular I admired. For some years he managed an agriculture manufacturing company with offices in San Angelo, Lubbock, and Garden City, Kansas. In his spare time or whenever he needed to take time he headed up Catholic Family Services. Through him and seeing what the organization did made me a believer that Catholic Family Services was one of the better charities in Lubbock and where ever they operated. I admired David Buescher who was a most enthusiastic supporter and leader, for his devotion to his religion and to this organization it sponsored.

    Now being sort of a long winded soul, I said all the above to say I am donating four or five sacks of my clothes this week to, I suppose, the Goodwill. The clothes are all good, some have become too large for me, some I bought and did not like then after wearing them a couple of times, others, like dress slacks and button down shirts I have tired of, I need a change . Or maybe I just want to go shopping for some new clothes. My lifestyle has changed, I’m a retired gent of a certain age, maybe a little restive, like a horse who balks or backs up a little, or wants some special attention. There is no particular point to this writ, no well rounded ending. I’m merely a man tired of the plow, ready for a change, and wants to be dressed for the occasion.
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    I only donated to the Salvation Army and gave cloths to Goodwill but refused to donate to the Red Cross the reason being. My mother’s uncle served in the first world war in the trenches the biggest complaint was foot problems disease and fungus the most prized possessions were dry and clean socks he would tell her about the Red Cross selling socks and the Salvation Army giving them away.
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    Nov 21, 2015
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    I'm a fan of the Salvation Army too
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    I always give to the Salvation Army kettle at Christmas. To me, they are the epitome of how Christianity should work.
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    Aug 11, 2015
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    Agree about the Salvation Army.

    I also give all my change if I'm paying with cash to whatever cause is on those clear plastic container banks by the checkouts. Doesn't happen too often because I use my debit card mostly.

    I don't even know what cause they're collecting for and I don't really care....I do it because I don't like change in my purse....so in reality I'm doing it for me.

    I'm also a sucker for any older person asking for money in any place I pass. There is an old vet that sits in a wheelchair as I leave one plaza. Ive given him $5 a few times...he always gives me a salute when he sees me driving by.

    Sometimes it's hard to stop though...he's in a very bad spot for collecting money unless there are two people in the car...he's not close to the drivers side window. Ive had to park first and go over to him.

    I'm afraid he's going to get hit by a car one of these days.

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