It Is Yard Sale Time Again!

Discussion in 'Shopping & Sales' started by Yvonne Smith, Mar 4, 2017.

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    The yard sales are starting to pop up , and that is something that I always look forward to each year. We went to one just down the road from us today, and they had a combination set that included a battery operated string trimmer and also a leaf blower. They each came with a 20 volt battery and a charging bracket , and the batteries are interchangible for each one.
    We have other weedeaters, but my favorite one has turned out to be my Black and Decker one that is also battery operated. It is much easier to start and operate than my gas powered one, but I don't have to have a power cord like I do with the little electric ones.
    So, when I saw this one at the yard sale, I was elated !
    If I have two of these, one can always be charging while I am using the other one, plus this new one came with two batteries, since one is for the leaf blower, so I should always have at least one of them charged up and ready to use.
    They were asking $30; but I offered them $20, and they accepted that. When I got home, I looked it up online, and the set sells new for $180; so now I am really pleased ! !
    We have the battery packs charging, and they will be ready to go by tomorrow if the weather is nice. The leaf blower is perfect for cleaning off the porch and sidewalk, and then I can take the trimmer to the weeds growing up around the sidewalk.
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    Our neighbor, actually our Landlord's daughter and a friend had a garage sale yesterday right in the big front yard she share's with us as a tenant in her dad's cozy Acadiana cottages. They weren't very knowledgeable about how to have a successful garage sale though and didn't sell much at all. My Honey found out they were selling things that previous tenants of her dad's left behind when they moved from all the rental properties he owns along with a few things they had no use for anymore either. But they had no tables to set things up on, everything pretty much was in big black garbage bags or totes, etc. I wish she would have said something to us earlier then I could have helped her set up and organize things so that she would have had a better chance at selling more stuff. Years ago my neighbor and I used to have a garage sale every Spring and every Fall and we got really good at this. Plus we were located on a street where traffic was high.

    When I was raising my own kids I loved to find bargains at garage sales, but now that it is just my Honey and me we don't go garage sale shopping because we are down sizers who just don't want alot of stuff anymore. But if we did need something a garage sale is a good place to find that something for hardly nothing like you did Yvonne.
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    The sales won't start here for at least a month but I shall be ready. It's such a fun thing, you talk to people, you get a little exercise walking around and you might even get a bargain or two.

    And it's sort of like forced pick up a bunch of stuff, and when you get tired of it you have your own sale and re-coup the money. Bonus!
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