Is Your Focus On Education Or Entertainment ?

Discussion in 'Education & Learning' started by Yvonne Smith, Apr 9, 2016.

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    Interestingly, I noticed that @Ken Anderson titled this whole subforum "Education and Entertainment". At first, it would seem like this is an unusual pairing of subjects; but when I really thought about it, I can see that they are directly asociated with each other.
    When we are young, we spend most of our time in the learning process..... How to walk, talk, and (eventually) tie our own shoes.
    Then comes school, and again, we are learning, although entertainment is also part of school, and also more of a part of our lives in general as we grow up.
    Once we get a job, or start a family, there are more things to learn for work; but also more opportunities for entertainment as adults, too.
    Now that we are seniors, many of us have a lot more leisure time on our hands, and are not as physically active, so we may spend more time watching televiion, reading a book, or some form of online entertainment.
    Some things can be either education or entertainment, and reading books is an excellent example of that. I read all the time because I want to learn something, but I also read novels just for entertainment purpose.
    What does everyone else find themself doing at this stage of life ?
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    @Yvonne Smith IOW, do I focus more on learning more than pursuing things entertaining to me? Learning has always BEEN entertaining, for me, and I guess that may be unusual. But, it helps explain how I can sit down and work with complex concepts that I have been away from for years, and still work with them effectively. For example, after having learned Calculus at age 20, I was called upon to teach it, to Seniors in High School Honors Math Class.

    I dug down deep into my memory, and the methods were still there. Just a lucky guy, I think. Frank
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  3. Ike Willis

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    Most of what reading I do now is for reference purposes. When I watch TV, it's a mix.
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    I guess I spend most of my time just living my life since I retired, though it was for me a slow transition, because I have been self employed all my life and withdrew from work in stages.
    I feel through my time with my family and friends, travelling and on here I am learning all the time about people, which has always been my passion in life, especially the way we all interact with each other.

    With my various life changes I have had to learn new skills which I have enjoyed, but nowadays I don't seek to learn from my pursuits but find it just happens, I am learning something new every day, and hopefully remembering some of it.

    Thinking about it a bit more, I do find pure entertainment for it's own sake difficult nowadays, so reading novels, watching a movie or playing games, makes me restless, and feeling a need to do something that has a purpose rather than passing time. I guess that is why I gave up reading fiction and watching TV, which I used to do without thinking about it. At some level the work ethic in me must still be alive and kicking. :confused:
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  5. Diane Lane

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    I do both. Mainly, I watch television shows and movies for entertainment, but I really enjoy watching some documentaries, as well, particularly Frontline. I like some reality shows, because I can learn things, but not necessarily the types of things I'd study in school, although I did study a lot of sociology and psychology, which often tie into the types of reality shows I enjoy, such as Boston EMS and Nightwatch. I sometimes watch DIY and/or crafting videos online, as well.

    As far as reading, I also do a mix of both. I will read some books for entertainment, mainly mysteries, but also read true crime, some of which can be pretty detailed and read somewhat like text books.
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    The idea of Entertainment and education is a interesting connection For example if you put rats in a maze and at the end of the maze there is some cheese you will see how fast the rats will run the maze if you stop putting in cheese they will stop running the maze.. Now they did the same experiment in a university using people with $20 at the end of the maze but surprise result when they stopped putting in the money people wanted to run the maze.
    When the schools use subjects that are entertaining the students learn faster. If the schools were fun they would need a lock on the door to keep the kids out when there is no school.
    My education is driven from curiosity I will go hours, days, or even months until I can find the answer.
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