Is It Safe to Transport Crude Oil By Freight Train?

Discussion in 'Energy & Fuel' started by Yvonne Smith, Mar 7, 2015.

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    It seems like we just keep reading about the freight trains that are carrying crude oil derailing, and then exploding and burning in raging infernos, and crude oil being spilled everywhere. Many of these accidents seem to be happening right along side of a nearby river, so the water is also pollutied.
    We just had another train go off the tracks in Illinois this week and dump oil into the river, which is a tributary of the Mississippi, so some of the oil may travel and pollute for miles and miles. Plants and animals and fish will die from the pollution.
    Even worse are the resulting fires, which sometimes burn down nearby homes when the fire is near a town or city. All people living nearby either have to be evacuated, or at least remaain inside until the air clears enough for people to breathe it.
    Canada has had three train deraailments and fires in just the last month, the latest one happening late last night.

    Why is this happening so often now ? Acciidents happen, true; but these are happening way out of proportion to other train wrecks, in my opinion.
    The trains carrying the oil are mainly BNSF (Burlington Northern/Santa Fe)which is owned by Warren Buffet. Buffet is also one of the big contributors to the Democratic party and is against the Keystone pipeline.
    I don't know jut what is going on here; but I do think that there is more to it than just accidental derailments.
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    Since refineries are in the province, refined oil is transported by trucks. The Pandacan depot is a depository of gasoline and other petro fuels coming from the refineries in the far south. If there is a train for that purpose of transporting the fuel, I guess that's much better than transporting the fuel in trucks. First off, trucks contribute to the heavy traffic. Secondly, most truck drivers are reckless in their driving so accidents are a normal occurrence in the highway. But to build na railroad for that, it is expensive. Besides, some legislators are moving heaven and earth to remove that depot from the heart of Manila. It is very near the Malacanang palace, that's the official residence of the president.

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