Is Dr. Fauci Responsible For The Coronavirus That Causes Covid-19?

Discussion in 'Viruses' started by Martin Alonzo, May 10, 2021.

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    ^ ^ Kickbacks from Pfizer for "spreading the good news?"
    Pfizer admits to COVID vaccine clinical trial fraud in federal court
    Their defense to the fraud claims against them is that because the government was in on it, it isn't fraud. Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson's attorney, Robert Barnes, isn't buying the argument.
    Steve Kirsch
    Jun 15

    You really can’t make this stuff up. You gotta watch this video… it’s only 2 minutes. And it will be a key piece of evidence in my next move which you’ll learn about shortly.

    In a nutshell, Pfizer admits in court to fraud, but says it isn’t fraud because the government was in on it. I bet you never heard that defense before.

    LINK <<<<<<<<<<<
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    If nothing else, more data will see the light of day through the Discovery process. Most people won't see it on their evening news, but enough of us will find it.
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    Now that the studies are out that show that masks and lockdowns do not prevent the spread of Covid (or ANY respiratory virus) AGAIN (it was already demonstrated in the H1N1 epidemic of previous years), Fauci et. al are advocating that more stringent lockdown and masking measures be implemented by TREATY. The figures show that areas that locked down fared no better than those areas that did not, and in fact the non-lockdown places seem to have recovered more quickly than those areas that locked down. China STILL has Covid issues in their economy, although some of that is caused by the zero Covid policy itself.

    Training us to be obedient perhaps??? Perhaps a new pandemic will hit in October????
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