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    Some of you may be aware of the Wayback Machine, which is an archive of web sites going back as far as 1996. It can take quite a while for the Wayback Machine to get around to archiving a new site, and indexed pages don't always appear in the archive for a few months. Some sites are archived far more often than others, and new sites are generally on the low end of that. For example, this forum appears in the archive only once so far, on March 24, 2015, which was just a couple of months after the forum came online. They have probably archived it since then, but newer ones aren't appearing in the archive yet. I thought of it today because I noticed that one of the spiders was indexing the forum. So if you are ever interested in what a web site looked like in the past, use the Wayback Machine.

    In fact, after someone has taken a site down, you can still find it in the Wayback Machine, although not every page of every site is included. Until or unless this forum becomes widely popular, you probably wouldn't be able to access every page of discussions.

    But the Wayback Machine is just part of a much larger Internet Archive. The Internet Archive is an online library of books, movies, software, music, and even vintage PC games.
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    That sounds like it'll be kind of fun! I'm going to have to look up some of the originals I played around with.
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    Yep, was aware of this, but I really love it when people spread the word around! I think that this site is very valuable, as it allows us to preserve the very history of the Internet, so that we can look back at pages from the past and be amazed at how far we've come. I think that future generations will be amazed by how primitive the first websites were!
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    It's sad that while technology is advanced at giant steps, seemed to be doing it backwards in some way.

    Yes, it's still possible to find many pages archived in there, but some others are merely linked and while their robot seems to crawl the site, it is not retrieving all the graphics and elements. If the site crawled still exists and has such elements still on the server whatever this site is hosted, then you will see the page as it was, but if those elements are not yet on the remote server or the site doesn't longer exist, pages appear broken or a message pop ups saying they cannot display the past story of the site but only as it is today, giving you the option to retrieve so it can be archived starting on that day.

    Besides of this, the search function oftentimes is lagging, not just now but since several years go, but in the positive side is the fact that you can always trace the story of the site back, even if this story not necessary starts by the time a website was started, but from the time it was first visited by

    Another good thing the Internet Archive has is that, if they retrieved the files, you can still download software that is not longer available in the original website, or that went from freeware to shareware or only-paid software. Of course, the archive file might be an older version, but usually as functional or even more than the actual version of a software piece.

    Curious fact, first coming online in 1996, the Internet Archive, archived history begins the next year, check it out,*/

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