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    The last few winters we have been in our cozy cottage we have really noticed how the cold weather seeps up through our floors. Since our cottage is up on blocks the wind and cold can get up under our flooring really easy.

    Our former Landlord who lives in the Cottage next to us (when he's in town) added insulation to the flooring under neath his Unit. We have now decided come Spring and Summer next year...we will do this too. Hopefully our now Landlord will either pay for this or help us cover the expense. He's really good about doing these kinds of things and we are really thankful for this. I don't want to go through another winter feeling the coldness seep through the floors...and insulating under our home should help take care of this problem.
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    Since we had our house reinsulated a few years ago, we've certainly noticed the difference. It had been insulated but some of the stuff they used had disintegrated to dust over the years, given that our house was built in 1910.
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