Indian Mali Kofta

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    Although I love to cook, there are certain cuisines that I just can't conquer. One of them is Indian food. Since there are many Thai Indians here in Pattaya, I have a large variety of restaurants to check out. My favorite is a place called "Indian Rasoi". I will not bother with directions as I am sure that most of the readers here are not in Pattaya, but if you ever visit, I will be more than happy to be your personal guide and this place will definitely be on the list of places to eat.

    Since I know few dishes to order, I play the finger down the menu game and I just stop and random and what I pick is what I get. Yesterday my finger stopped at "Mali Kofta" and I definitely wrote it down. It was some kind of soft vegetable balls in a delicious yellow curry. The curry surprised me as it was not one of the hot spicy ones but just pleasantly flavored. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me so I have no picture so show and I can't find any one on line that is copyright free to use. If curious, you can Google it.

    Now I will look up a recipe and try to recreate it, but if it is like most of my attempts at Indian recipes, only the dogs will enjoy it. It only cost about US$5 for a large bowl.

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