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Discussion in 'In the News' started by Mal Campbell, Feb 24, 2015.

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    Jan 23, 2015
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    Well, here in Tennessee, we got hit with a big ice storm. It started on Friday night, and we lost power about 3:00 am Saturday morning. We didn't get it back on until last night around 9:00 pm - so three, looonnngg days without power - yikes!

    Saturday morning, laying in bed, we heard such strange noises. Ice sheets sliding off the roof and hitting the ground. The creaks of trees bending over from the weight of the ice. Then the cracks and snaps of the trees succumbing to the weight. Then we heard a huge "crack - snap - boom" and felt the house shake. Needless to say, this got us out of bed in a hurry. A tree had snapped off and fallen down across our back deck and up against the patio doors. It was one of those good news/bad news scenarios - the bad news was it crunched our deck, the good news is it didn't come crashing through the patio door and into the dining room. That would have really been a mess.

    Oh well, it kept my husband busy for a while and he got to "bond" with all the other men in our neighborhood who were likewise out with the chainsaws!!

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    @Mal Campbell , you have my total sympathies ! ! Ice storms are just no fun, and I think that snow is maybe easier to deal with than the ice. It weights all of the tree branches down so much, and they come crashing down on buildings, like happened with you. I have been in them before , too, and we were without electricity for most of the week; not becuase of the cold; but bcause the falling bbbranches had taken out the electrical power lines.
    Plus, the pooower compan had to cut their way down the roads to even get to the lines to repair them. After that, people were hauling branches out to the road, and the county sent big trucks by to pick up all of the branches and trees that came down.

    We are under another weather storm warning here again, too. Supposed to have over a half foot of snow, so pretty much the whole city of Huntsville is shut down, except for necessary workers. We are going to make a quick grocery store run around noon, and then the snow starts around 1PM and goes for he rest of the day and into the night.
    The good news is that next week it is supposed to get up to 60, so maybe it will start looking like Spring then.

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