Huge Government Drill Happening Right After The Eclipse!

Discussion in 'Politics & Government' started by Yvonne Smith, Aug 10, 2017.

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    I was just reading about an upcoming government drill called "EARTH EX" (acronym) which will take place starting on August 23, right after we have the total eclipse here that only can be seen in the United States.
    The drill is for what is called a "Black Sky", which is a term for complete and long-term loss of the electrical grid, and will be international in scope. It will deal with the complications of power loss, as well as the domino effect on life and technology that such a huge loss of power would cause.
    It is interesting that on one day, we will have an actual blackout event, and then right afterwards, a drill for what would happen if we did lose power and have an actual electric blackout.
    One worrisome thing about this is that when we have had one of the mass shootings, or other type of terrorist event, there has almost always been a drill going on at the same place and same time as the actual event that took place.
    As an example, when the trade towers were hit by planes in the 9/11 terrorist attack, most of the responders thought that they were just taking part in the drill that was happening for the same kind of an event.
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    Makes sense to me, perfect time for a drill about a blackout is after one just happened. Would make it feel more real.

    Fact is there are always drills going's what these people do in emergency services. It's only news when one happens to coincide with a real event but most times nothing happens and you don't hear of the drill...unless you're into conspiracy theories.
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    If there ever is a complete and long term loss of the electrical grid, civilization would cease to exist within a few months. The results are too awful to even contemplate.
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    This too is above my pay grade but with in the realm of possibilities.

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