How Bad Are We Being Played?

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    How bad are we being played?
    Singer ditches signature hair stile
    Star Wars film admits guilt over Ford’s injury
    Tiger kills woman at Beijing safari park
    Crash involving 14- year- old driver kills another teenage girl
    Woman’s response to cashiers who laughed at her shorts
    This is the topics on Yahoo is not much different than what would be in the news media.
    As we are concerned with what Trump said or Clinton our credit card debt gets out of reach.
    They use the idea of terrorists to slowly take away your freedoms and the people who give up their freedoms are not any safer.
    You are fed the idea of owning your own home only to see that after years of paying mortgage that the factories close and you lose your investment of many years.
    They want to snoop through all your stuff and if you complain they say well if you are innocent you have nothing to hide but half of the things done by the government you are not allowed to see because it is a secret. My personal life should be a secret as well.
    Every time they have a terrorist attack in the US first is gun control how is giving up your protection going to stop a terrorist.
    The art of distraction and misdirection has been around forever and it is being used on everyone.
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