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Discussion in 'Home Improvement' started by Corie Henson, Sep 8, 2016.

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    Jun 11, 2015
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    Our house is currently undergoing repairs. It's not big work, maybe 5 days job for the 2 workers. Our contract is daily wage although the 2 workers were bargaining for a lump sum contract which means they will name their price and they will work on the job no matter how long it takes. But my husband is after quality so we are willing to spend for a daily wage in exchange for quality. With the lump sum contract, they would rush the work so the quality if sacrificed.
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    On the other hand, this way they can drag it out. You never win with contractors. :)

    Hope they do a good job!

    My daughter has had to redo the whole boy's bathroom. It's taken months but the guys did a good job and one was here yesterday morning still doing touch ups.

    It cost $21,000 and insurance covered $10,000. At first they only wanted to cover $2000 but son in law talked them up.

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