Hinckley - The Bush Connection

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    John Hinckley Jr., the attempted assassin of President Ronald Reagan was recently released from incarceration, after having been given weekend furloughs for years, because he is no longer considered to be insane.

    There is no question to the point that I am going to make here, and I won't attempt to connect the dots, but there are dots.

    Neil Bush was scheduled to have dinner with Scott Hinckley, John Hinckley Jr.'s brother, the night before the assassination attempt, but the engagement was canceled by Hinckley at the last moment.

    John Hinckley Sr. was a large donor to the George H.W. Bush campaign. president of World Vision, an organization that described itself as the largest international Christian relief and development agency active in the third world, which was involved in moving Cubans into the United States.

    World Vision was paid by the CIA during the Vietnam War, and was active in Southeast Asia, particularly Cambodia and Laos.

    Interestingly, an employee of World Vision was Mark David Chapman, who later assassinated John Lennon.

    I'm not even going to suggest where to connect the dots because, frankly, I don't know. However, while I believe in coincidence, this seems to stretch the limits.
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    @Ken Anderson This is most interesting information, Ken. Facts I have never heard of before. Suggests perhaps a variety of conspiracies "play out" more often than we know. Maybe we don't want to know. Of the subterfuge and intrigue found within the leaderships' dens, perhaps no administration was more convoluted thusly than Clinton's.
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    They were playing the law game

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