Has Your Handwriting Changed For The Worse?

Discussion in 'Education & Learning' started by Joe Riley, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Chrissy Cross

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    Aug 11, 2015
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    My handwriting has gotten sloppy but there is no reason for it except laziness. I don't have arthritis in my hands.

    When I want to take the time I can write decently but I only sign checks and I've gotten to the point that for bills it's
    A "C" that flows to a wavy line. Then my last name also starts with a C and that's just a line too basically. The utility companies would think its a forgery if I did it the way I can. :)
    I don't like to print though, never have.
  2. Rachel Rodarte

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    Sep 30, 2015
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    I still don't understand why they never continue cursive, and I also agree that this should be part of their curriculum, have the student write stores and learn how to write out the alphabet. How to use a pen or pencil the right way. When ever we go some where, I look around and everyone is on their cell phone texting, what happen to looking what is around you. Looking where you're going, making sure you don't get hit my a car or fall into a pond. lol. I read a posting that read "Cursive will be the new code" this is funny because if you ask kids to read a sentence in cursive they will not be able to read it. :(. So if you want to send a secret message to someone use cursive. :D. I also agree with on how kids will be getting arthritis at a younger age.
    th (2).jpg
    Now this is what I call the alphabet,

    Or a typed signature which is accepted just the same. Who is to say that you're the real person, owner of the credit card, because some places don't bother asking for and ID. You swipe, sign and out the door. Then they wonder why someone's identity is stolen. I should try that next time, put an X on the spot.
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    About forty years ago, while I was working for a towing company, I broke my right hand, and it was in a cast all the way to the tip of my fingers. I went to my Bank of America branch to cash my paycheck. The bank teller asked me if I could sign my signature again because the one on the check didn't match the signature they had on file. I explained to her that I was right-handed, and pointed out that my right hand was in a cast. She asked if I could try signing it with my left hand. I told her that because I was right handed, and had never tried signing my name with my left hand, it was doubtful that I would be able to produce a signature that matched the one on file. She said she was sorry but she would not be able to cash my check.

    I asked if I could speak to someone else, so she pointed me to one of the bank managers. He apologized, stamped the back of the check as approved, and sent me back to the same teller for my money. I told her, "He said you're an idiot and you're to cash my check now."
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    Apr 10, 2015
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    It seems in the past, many employees were constrained by specific rules they had to abide by. These days, that's also often the case, but on top of that, there seems to be a dearth of common sense, which can make dealing with such situations extremely difficult. You'd think having a cast on your writing hand would have been recognized as inhibiting your ability to sign your exact signature on file.

    I like the look of cursive, and think it's a bad idea to do away with it. It's withstood the test of time, and just because new technology exists, doesn't mean it has to wipe out everything that's come before it. Hopefully cursive will experience a resurgence the way vinyl records have, and the argument will become moot. I agree, it could be used as code. Perhaps the parents who used to spell things out in front of their children will now resort to writing one another notes in cursive, so the children can't read them.
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    My handwriting has changed but it is still readable. I used to take notes whenever i read something that strikes me as worth remembering and i have notebooks that i could compare my handwritten notes in my college days and now that i am a senior citizen.Whereas before my handwriting was written with large and clear letters, now i seemed to write hurriedly and with small letters.

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