Halloween Story for my Grandson

Discussion in 'Reading & Writing' started by Richard Paradon, Feb 12, 2015.

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    (This is a little story I wrote for my ten year old grandson last Halloween. Hope you enjoy it!)

    Everybody was at Mrs. Clemmen’s seventh grade Halloween party. The boys and girls were dressed up as monsters, ghouls, fairy princesses and just about every costume you could think of. But Michael, the new boy at school came to the party just wearing his regular school clothes. Nobody seemed to mind except for two of the older boys and they were teasing and making fun of him.

    They were bullies for sure, but knew better than to shove or punch him because if old lady Clemmen’s saw them they would be have to bring their parents in for a Teacher-Parent session. And like most bullies, they were really cowards.

    They were, however, getting noisy and soon some of the other kids started to come closer. The other kids did not join in with the bullies but did not do anything to help Michael either. A few hours later and the party slowed down and most of the kids started towards home to get ready for the evenings “Trick or Treat” fun.

    Michael watched the two bullies leave and quietly started to follow them. About two blocks away from the school, the boys noticed Michael behind them. They turned around and started to call him some nasty words, but Michael just stood still. Finally one of the boys threw a punch but instead of Michael falling down or crying, the punch went right through his body! Then the other boy tried to kick him and the same thing happened. They could not understand what was happening.

    Michael opened his mouth and said, OK, you two punks, all night long you made fun of me for not having a costume, but I am wearing one. And then he made a blood curling snarl and changed instantly from a boy to a ghost, a real ghost with blood oozing from his mouth and maggots crawling all over him. The two bullies started to scream with fear and tried to run away, but could not move! Michael stood in front of them and said, every night when you are sleeping you will see me just as I am now. Forever and forever.
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    Huh, what a ghost story you have there. But it's a nice one particularly with the moral lesson on bullying. Sometimes I think of ghosts and had this notion that they may be spirits wanting to be connected to humans. And I would like to think that ghosts are not really scary creatures, only the fiction writers made them so (scary). That's why I really enjoy the cartoon Casper because the tagline is friendly ghost.

    Now, this reminds me of the movie Ghostbuster that is not scary at all but funny. Indeed, stories can be made scary or hilariously funny or dramatic... all depending on how the writer writes it. For that ghost story above, I liked it.

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