Free Patterns For Knitting And Crocheting

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    I think that we have talked about online book websites like Bookbub and Book Gorilla in the reading threads here on the forum; but I thought that some of you might not know that you can also get free patterns for knitting and crochet (and many other hobbies) from there as well.
    Both websites are free to sign up, and then you choose the topics of books that you are interested in, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, DIY, educational, cooking, or hobbies.
    The books are always (or at least almost always) priced under $3, and many of them are free or only $1. I have gotten lots of crochet books this way, and some of them are complete sets.
    Once you have the book, you can either follow the pattern from the book online, or you can print the pattern out on your printer.
    I subscribe to both websites; but I have found that I get more of the hobby kind of books from Book Gorilla, and they also give away a free Kindle Fire every day, so when you get your list of books, you can enter the drawing for the Kindle, too.
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    Thanks for the information.

    Also Ravelry has many patterns. Many free. You do have to sign up but it's free also.
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