Frankie Doodles In Spokane, Washington

Discussion in 'Restaurant Reviews' started by Yvonne Smith, Dec 15, 2015.

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    As far as I know, this is just a one-place restaurant , and that is in Spokane, Washington. We discovered it on our trip out to Spokane last week when we were at the hospital with my son for his heart surgery.
    The restaurant has actually been there for many years; but for some reason, we never tried it out when we lived in that area.
    This time, we were looking for an easy place to get to that was near the hospital and the hotel; and Frankie Doodles fit the bill on both requirements.
    We went for a late supper the first evening, and the people were so friendly, and the food so good, we decided that we would come back the next day for breakfast. They had an amazing variety of choices to eat, the servings were more than enough to eat, and the prices were reasonable.
    The rest of the week, we had our meals there, and even the "regulars" were beginning to recognize us and say Good Morning when we walked in.

    They had a GIANT cinnamon roll which had to be at least 8-9 inches square. Someone got one to go, and it barely fit into one of the large styrofoam carry out containers.
    After seeing that, my ex had to try one, and here is the picture that Robin took of the cinnamon roll. This cinnamon roll is on a large plate, not a small saucer, by the way .
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    I think I saw that pic on Facebook, Yvonne and couldn't figure out what it was. My first thought was a meatloaf covered with cheese. Even a small cinnamon roll is high in calories, can only imagine the count on that.

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