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Discussion in 'Faith & Religion' started by Babs Hunt, Mar 8, 2017.

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    One of my favorite websites for answering questions about Christianity and the Bible is gotquestions.org but another one of my favorite websites is https://gracethrufaith.com/ They both explain God's Truth through His Word so well and in such easy to understand language.

    If you've ever had questions about religion, God, Christianity, Jesus Christ, or anything in the Bible you can find the answers on these sites without ever having to open a Bible. And on the gracethrufaith.com website there is so much more than just answers to questions...even free ebooks you can download. God's Truth should never have a price tag on it...and at both these websites the sharing of God's Truth is out of love...

    Here's one of those free ebooks
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    Today, in my work, I was updating the Bible section of the directory, so I got the chance to add the Got Questions site to the Bible study portion of it. I have been working on the Regional part of the directory for the past few years so most of the Religions section hasn't been touched since 2013 or so, other than adding new sites from time to time. We're also using longer descriptions now than we did then. Probably next week, I'll tackle one of the other sections in the Christianity part of the directory. I like the Grace Through Faith site too, but will probably add it to the Ministries category rather than Bible study.

    Later... I see we already had Got Questions listed in our Christianity category. That's okay, as it fits in the Bible study category too.
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