Dreams Of Finding A Restaurant

Discussion in 'Dreams & Interpretations' started by Tom Ellerton, Mar 15, 2023.

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    I constantly dream I am looking for some diner and never find one open or something happens to prevent me from eating. You think this is related to my major dental problems in the last 3 years? Difficulty in chewing. Or maybe just hunger?
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    Bobby used to be a chef and he is always dreaming that he is in some restaurant and making food for people. Since you can’t read in dreams, he grumbles that he can’t tell what the order is supposed to be when they give him the little order slip.

    Years ago, when we were first married, we had a little country restaurant in Idaho. Bobby cooked and I served the foods and made the salad bar and desserts. We lived in a little room in the back of the restaurant.
    One night, after we had closed the restaurant, and gone to sleep, I heard Bobby yell “steak, medium rare, ready to go……get it out NOW !”
    I was struggling to wake up enough to get that steak out there, but as I was slowly waking up, I realized that we were in bed and he was only dreaming, and I didn’t have to get that steak out there NOW .
    What a relief !
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