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Discussion in 'Dreams & Interpretations' started by Yvonne Smith, Oct 27, 2017.

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    This can be for any kind of dream that includes an animal, whether it is a purring kitten, or a bad dream about being chased by a ferocious bear, or just a dream about one of our own pets.
    Last night I dreamed about a large white mule, and it was trying to get into the house. Part of the house looked like the house in Idaho where i grew up, but parts of the house were somewhere else that was no part of my past. There were several other people in the dream with me, but I do not know who they were.
    I don’t even know why that big white mule wanted to get in the house, but he kept walking around outside and sticking his head inside the doors or windows, and I kept going around and shutting the doors to keep him out.
    Finally, I got a spray/squirt bottle and started squirting him whenever he poked his head in the window.
    Ther was one window that he kept trying to crawl through and get into the house, even though I was squirting him, and I finally told someone that we needed to board up that window to keep the mule from climbing in through it.
    They told me that all we needed to do was to close the window (DUH ! ! ), so we did that and then the mule could not get in.
    It was just a really odd dream, and probably doesn’t mean anything except that my mind was overworked last night.
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    The first thing that popped into my mind reading your post, was the stolen tools
    Maybe you're feeling a little insecure and the mule represents strangers trying to occupy your space ..........
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    What came to my mind was that mules are stubborn critters that don't give up the first time. Neither does those thieves that keep stealing things from y'all. All the things you did in your dream shows you are doing what you know to do to keep the "mule or thieves" from coming in and stealing any more stuff, yet that one window you couldn't keep the mule out of to me represents that you haven't found the one solution that will work yet to deter those thieves (or as in your dream that while mule). It sounds like the solution is coming though because one was given in your dream and it worked. :)
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