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Discussion in 'Shopping & Sales' started by Yvonne Smith, May 17, 2017.

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    One of the things that I do each week is go through the online coupons at and sometimes at the Dollar General (although we never seem to save much there). I also get Kroger coupons in the mail each month, which I look through and see what ones I am apt to use first, and sort them all out.
    With the e-coupons, I upload everything onto my Kroger account that I think I might even possibly buy if I found it on sale, even though I probably would not buy it otherwise.
    Today, when Evelyn and I were at Kroger, I discovered that the Atkins protein bars were on sale, BOGO. I also had a $2 off for two 5-packs coupon, so it was a good time to buy two of them.
    When I checked out, I also had an e-coupon for another $1 off; so I did really good. I got the protein bars for half price, plus saved $3 with my coupons for them.
    I had another coupon for a free loaf of the Kroger brand bread; so I also got one of those, and then it turned out that I also had a 48 cent e-coupon for that kind of bread, so I think that I actually got free bread and made a little money on that one.
    It is definitely worth using the website and getting the online coupons when you think you might buy something. I even had some I didn't need, and Evelyn was able to use those, so that worked out good, too.
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    I have Vons just 4 U app...probably similar to what you are talking about. Some things that are already on sale if you have the store card are even more discounted if you have the app...I usually buy the same things and haven't used it much but a few times it's saved me some money.

    Vons is Safeway and Fresno is the only place I see it called that..don't know why. I might ask next time.

    I looked it up and it's complicated...glad I didn't ask in the store. :)
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    Wish we had more coupons in Canada. For the most part what we do have is for convenience food, not actual food.

    But we also get coupons for deodorant and other household necessities. Those I do take advantage of.

    Do your stores in the USA offer price matching? That is something I find more of a savings for me as I shop at a store that gives points so taking advantage of both is beneficial.
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