Dealing With People At Work. And More

Discussion in 'Jobs I Have Had' started by Kitty Carmel, Jul 29, 2017.

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    May 9, 2016
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    I've been in a job mess. Quit my full time job of 6 1/2 years at the end of May. That building had a mold problem and I couldn't take it anymore. I'm not the only one who said this or left because of it.

    The part time job was too much stress with the rural drive. Found a job in town. I'm going to submit on Monday to go part time starting in September. Jerks are everywhere but this place has a few extra including a "supervisor" who does nothing but is a master at looking busy. She already knows I don't like her and has retaliated against me. It angers me because I was forced to do PM supervisor for 4 months at my old job once and ran my ass off. It's not easy either and neither is being on the floor.

    I'll stay part time for income. I don't think they will refuse since more than 1/3 of their staffing is registry. Also their call light system in front is so loud it's blowing my ears out. I've considered calling OSHA.
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    Feel for you Kitty - hope you get yerself sorted soon :)
    I know someone who's a master at looking busy too ! Irritating in the extreme !
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