Days Of Rage, By Bryan Burrough

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    days of rage.jpg I'm actually reading one paperback (North to Alaska, by Debbie Macomber), an e-book from the library, and I just picked up Days of Rage. North to Alaska will be a quick read. The e-book is taking longer, but my loan ends in 2-3 days, so I need to get back to that, but this is the one I really want to read. I had to wait until it was available for pick up, or I would have already started reading it.

    I watched the short version on Investigation Discovery. It was a one hour episode of Vanity Fair Confidential, based on the Days of Rage book, and I wanted more. I was still fairly young when these incidents were going on, although I do know something about them from hearing my parents discussing them. I think many people these days are unaware of these incidents. Hopefully the show educated some, but many these days don't seem to care about the past, and think it has no bearing on current events.
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