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    Now that Longs has changed to CVS we get all kinds of CVS brands to save money and get healthy with! Having a CVS Extra Care Card gets you in store coupons that you can scan your card to get before you shop. Your Extra Care Card from CVS has special rewards like a last month's 40% off one item you're buying! CVS Extra Care card is free and an account with after you get your Extra Care Card is free also. I was shopping one day and I saw people applying for CVS Extra Care Card right at the cashier's as they were paying for their purchase. People shopping and waiting for their card give their phone number to the cashier as they pay for their purchase. I know that your definitely can apply online for your CVS Extra Care Card. Having a CVS Extra Care Card will save you money every time you shop. has weekly ads to shop with or Sunday ads in the newspapers to help you save even more money!

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