Could You Work At Home For Amazon Or Face Book?

Discussion in 'Senior Employment' started by Lon Tanner, May 25, 2020.

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    May 29, 2020
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    I did the "telecommute" thing a few years before I got laid off (which shoved me into early retirement.) My employer actually forced us out of our offices in order to save money. That's what enabled me to move to the country and keep my DC-area job.

    Now that we all have computers and the internet integrated into our lives, that line between work and play has been eradicated. When I worked from home, I would be on a forum just as I am now, and would have my work email open in another tab just in case something came up I could knock out real quick. Lots of my coworkers did the same thing.

    It was interesting because I was always old-school "bright-line" between work and home. But as you said, being on the computer is our default state. What we actually do is somewhat irrelevant, huh?

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