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    Little story here. I worked Sears Maintenance part-time while building our custom home, mainly evenings. My boss, the Building Engineer, hired me remarking I was way over-qualified with an Engineering Degree, but he understood I was actively building a house.

    One evening, I had need to work up at ceiling level in the basement, atop a 12-foot step ladder. Upstairs, floor above, was Salesfloor. I turned off the circuit breaker feeding the junction box below, inside a locked Electrical Equipment Room, and LOCKED the breaker panel door, returning downstairs and up the ladder. On a hunch, I checked the wires in the box: STILL LIVE! Geez, could I have turned off the wrong circuit breaker? Back upstairs, I found the circuit breaker panel door gaping open, the LOCK BROKEN to gain access, the breaker turned ON!

    I knew the table lamp displays were fed by that breaker, so sought out the Department Manager, A guy I knew quite well. I was PISSED! He nonchalantly admitted forcing entry and turning on the breaker. I admonished him explaining the possible consequences which might have happened. He countered with the "unhappy customer" argument, of course concerned with his own image. Next day I related the incident to my boss, who was visibly shaken, telling me he would speak to the guy concerned. I expected a complaint rather with at least the Store Manager; the offending moron should have been terminated. In a few days, the Household Goods Manager apologized to me. He had no concept of the possible consequences of his stupid act; a fall off the big ladder, broken back, possible para- or quadraplegic..........

    In comparison, when I worked as Plant Engineer at a Gypsum Wallboard Plant in Colorado, a worker fell from a moving railroad hopper car filled with gypsum rock, fortunately only breaking a wrist; he might have been cut in two. My boss, the Works Manager, shakily informed us in a meeting that any death occurring at the plant would automatically curtail his position with the company!

    Such was working for Sears.......

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    Tunnel vision. :(

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