China's Answer to The Tesla Electric Car

Discussion in 'Energy & Fuel' started by Yvonne Smith, Mar 25, 2015.

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    China has printed out its own 3-D printed car. The car is made of lightweight material, and runs on battery power. The top speed would be about 25mph, which, although slow, would do for much of local driving in smaller cities and towns.
    The little car is actually kind of cute, and it is also pretty cheap. The car cost less than $2000 to assemble; and even with profits figured in, this should still be an inexpensive little run-around vehicle.
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    That would be a cute car, I agree. But will it pass the transportation board for being roadworthy? We have here the Chery car made in China that is cheap, costing ony at a little over that printed car. It is patronized here although the review is not that good. But now they have an after sales service so sales are picking up. Perhaps if Chery would push with its new models, it will sell more. On the other side of the equation, here comes the Tata car of India that was touted to have a factory price of only $2,500 although the selling price here is much more than that figure. The dealership just opened late last year so we are still awaiting for the review.

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