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    Given that I had forgotten much of what had occurred on the Longmire Netflix series between season four and season five, I have been rewatching it from season one.

    One of the actors who has a recurring role is a black actor who plays the part of Detective Fales, a detective from Denver who is investigating the death of the murder of Walt Longmire's wife. Thinking he looked familiar, I found that the actor is Charles S. Dutton, who was born in 1951.

    The interesting thing about Charles S. Dutton is that he grew up on the East Side of Baltimore, where his father was a truck driver. He dropped out of school before completing middle school, and spent some time as an amateur boxer. When he was seventeen, he killed someone in a fight out of the ring, and was convicted of manslaughter.

    He spent seven years in prison then, a few months after being released he was arrested for possession of a deadly weapon and sentenced to another three years in prison. You could pretty much guess where his life was going to go from there, but no -- it didn't go there.

    In prison for the second time, he was sentenced to six days of solitary confinement, where he was allowed to have only one book. He chose an anthology of black playwrights. Having read through the book, he petitioned the warden to be allowed to start a drama group for a Christmas talent show.

    The warden agreed, but only on the condition that he go back to school and get his GED. He did that, then went on to complete a two-year Associate of Arts degree from Hagerstown Junior College, while in prison.

    Upon his release, he enrolled as a drama major at Towson State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1978. He later earned a Master's Degree in Acting from the Yale School of Drama in 1983.

    Since 1985, he has acted in more than forty movies and several television movies and series, and done some Broadway and Off-Broadway productions. One of them was a starring role in a comedy called The Obama Effect.
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