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    Canary Watch is a coalition of organizations that includes the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, NYU's Technology Law & Policy Clinic, and the Calyx Institute, which runs and hosts Canary Watch.

    Given that under current US laws (if we can rightfully call them that), when a company is served with a secret warrant, it is prohibited from telling anyone -- even the company's attorney -- that a warrant has been served.

    Using an Internet Service Provider as an example, given that the ISP is unable to advice anyone, including those who may be involved in the warrant, that information or access is being demanded by the government, some ISPs have elected to publish what are sometimes referred to as "transparency reports," stating that they have not received any national security letters in a particular six-month period, as they are allowed to report that they have not been served with a warrant.

    When the ISP does not include this statement, it can be inferred from the silence that it has now received such a letter.

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