Bohemian National Cemetery

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    It really exists! My folks took me there at 8 or 9, seeking to view resting places of family members. My maternal grandfather is buried there, among many others. The place is huge and sprawling. Out of curiosity, I just did a few searches, learned a few new things.

    "The cemetery was established by members of Chicago's Czech community in 1877. The community had been outraged when a Czech Catholic woman named Marie Silhanek was denied burial at several Catholic cemeteries in Chicago because she supposedly never made her Easter Duty (going to confession and Holy Communion at least once during the Easter season), which is incumbent on all Catholics, even today.[3] In response, the Czechs purchased land in what was then Jefferson Township to create a cemetery that would be under their control.[4] The original plot of land was 50 acres. Over the years, the cemetery expanded to 126 acres."

    "Bohemian National Cemetery is known for its limestone gatehouse[7] and its highly decorated columbarium niches, which contain photographs, artwork, flags, and other mementos of the individuals whose ashes are stored there."

    Images from within:

    Mayor Anton Cermak, assassinated by a bullet intended for FDR:




    The main entrance:

    I remember the the place as very impressive. It's history of non-denominational religious interest I never knew before; yet, I did know my paternal Grandpa fled Czechoslovakia at 16 to escape Catholic religious persecution. As a rule, cemeteries are, to me, rather spooky places to be avoided. Frank
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    What a beautiful place!! I don't consider cemeteries spooky. I find them to be very peaceful.
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    You wanna see a different style of Cemetery?..look at this one...

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