Banks And Credit Unions

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    Going through and cleaning up a lot of dead links and running across a few that may be of interest.

    Banks Closures: There are still some small banks failing to this day. How much is a carryover from 2008, could be debated.

    Credit Union Closures: Despite what many think... Credit Unions are susceptible to the same issues as banks. Not a lot of people seem to be aware the Credit Union system was in just as bad a shape as banks. The number may not be as large as the TARP numbers, but comparing the size of the Credit Unions to Banks shows it to be larger in proportion.

    Finding your bank: You can research your own bank, for a lot of things, including financials. If you prefer, I can check up on both, as I have another link that is paid subscriber, I use. Not sure how much longer I will be keeping it, as I have about lost interest.
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