Banana Leaf Snacks

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    Every so often, I will be given a bit of unknown food by a neighbor. It is unknown to me because it comes to me in little banana leaf triangles. In the many years I have lived here in Thailand, I have only had one or two varieties of these packages that were not enjoyable, but when I wanted a snack, they were eaten anyway.

    After the food is wrapped in the banana leaf, it is steamed. Here are three that I have opened up so you can see what they are. The outside is sticky rice and the inside is made from sweet fresh coconut. Hopefully the pictures will show up and not just be a URL.

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    The forum won't accept photos hosted in dropbox. There are several free image hosting services, such as TinyPic, PostImage, and Photobucket, that allow you to upload your image and share it, and which should work. Someone else may recommend others, as I know there are several. I use one of my own domains ( that I bought for that purpose.
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