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Discussion in 'Home Improvement' started by Yvonne Smith, Mar 26, 2016.

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    I hear you. Someone 'visited' my backyard shed recently, and I'm still irritated about it. I let people in the neighborhood know that I wasn't happy, just in case it's a kid that belongs to someone and they're aware of it. If people would spend as much time getting a job and working it as they do thieving, they'd be a lot better off financially.

    Is there some sort of deterrent product you could spray on those areas that would discourage the dogs from chewing on it? Sort of like that nasty tasting stuff someone created for nail biters? Obviously something non-toxic, of course, that wouldn't harm the dogs or the plants themselves :D.
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    I think that just having the bamboo screening on the fence will stop the chewing , @Diane Lane . When we were raising Shorkies, we had more dogs, and the Yorkies especially, had to see what was going on outside of the fence and they clawed and chewed all of the plastic fence weaving. Eventually, many of the weaves were just gone at the bottom.
    Now there is just Tootsie, and the bamboo is outside of the chainlink fence; so she can't chew it up anyway. Since she can't even see out of the bamboo; she won't be as upset byt the soses and raspberries that are growing on the inside of the fence.
    Bobby wants to move the backyard swimming pool up closer to the back door of the house, and now that it is screened off from the road, that will be more private for swimming as well.

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