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Discussion in 'Crops & Gardens' started by Corie Henson, Jun 11, 2015.

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    I'm sure Jennifer will answer for herself the next time she's in the forum but I expect she's referring to what I knew as cow corn. It was certainly edible and, as a child, I often preferred it to sweet corn, but cow corn was grown to be used for silage, or to feed animals. In my family, we ate cow corn often, even when my dad was growing sweet corn.
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    Same here on the corn. Field corn and sweet corn are different and both are good to eat. Field corn has that old fashioned corn taste that some people prefer. Field corn is also the corn used to make corn meal.

    It's still hot and we need rain but I tilled one of the raised beds and planted purple cauliflower yesterday. I only had seven seeds left and I dropped one of them. Still, six heads of cauliflower is a lot if they all make it..

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