Backup Communications Information For Emergencies

Discussion in 'Comments on Forum' started by Yvonne Smith, Feb 28, 2023.

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    How does that help us if we don't have--or want--a Facebook account? You can view that, but can you do anything there? When I lost the computer after the 2018 earthquake, I tried the password recovery process several times and it never worked. The only way I got on again without creating an entire new account (and get a new email) was to repeatedly email ken over and over until he found me among his spam.
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    If the forum were to go out again , which we all hope never happens again, then Ken would post whatever information that he has about what happened and when the forum might be back up again. People with no facebook account can read the message, they just can’t respond to it.
    Anyone who wants to give me their email or some kind of contact information can do that, and then I would email people with whatever information I have.

    This would also work for instances like you had, @Don Alaska , because if you contacted me, then I can let Ken know that you lost your password and need help.
    All you would have to do is give me a simple temporary word to use, Ken would reset your password to that, and then you can sign in and change the password to whatever you want it to be.

    The main problem from last time the forum went out was that no one had any idea why it went out, and Ken was not getting any good answers when he contacted the server people because they had sold the business, and the records were all messed up; so it took a while for him to even know what was going on , let alone how to fix it.
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    Click the "X" to close the box:

    SOC Facebook.jpg

    Then you can browse as a Guest:
    SOC Faceboo browsek.jpg
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