Arizona Fireball, Did We Shoot It Down For Our Protection?

Discussion in 'Science & Nature' started by Yvonne Smith, Jun 12, 2016.

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    We are in the process of going through another meteor shower, this one comes from the area of the constellation Aries, and are known as the Arietid meteor showers. . We will pass though it during June and July, and the best time to actually see the constellation is early mornings about 45 minutes before sunrise.
    Some of the meteorites have even been seen during the day, they are so bright !

    Just a few days ago, we had a fireball that was seen over Arizona (did you see it @Frank Sanoica ?) and from the video, it truly looks like we might have shot it down before it impacted the earth.
    If you remember, a few years ago, when the asteroid hit Russia, it also looked like they had shot down the fireball and it semed to explode in the sky before striking the earth.
    The video from this fireball seems to show a similar appearance and the photos from early the next moring do show some strange formations in the sky.
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    @Yvonne Smith I am sorry to say no, I did not see it. I was not even aware of the meteor shower until now; thank you for making me aware of it.
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    I think the government might say if they shot down an asteroid or something that was going to impact the earth, that is if they thought it was important enough, but then again they might not want to create a panic. So, who knows? I am kind of envious of the West as they seem to have more astronomical activity than we do in the East. I could be wrong, it just seems that way.

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