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    I have had a stamp collection since I was young, although, most of what I have is used stamps I did get lucky at a yard sale where I picked up some albums of First Day Covers. The person who was selling them had no idea they were worth something and I felt the need to tell them about it. Since I was a friend they said take them we don't have time to bother with pricing them out. A real prize.
    I collect USA stamps. At one time I did collect foreign stamps but found it very confusing trying to figure out what country they were from and where to put them in the albums. So I gave it always as a Christmas gift to a young man that needed a hobby.
    My only complaint with stamp collecting is the albums. In the early days if you bought a stamp album the pages were all marked with pictures of the stamps and a bit of history about the picture represented on the stamp. But the companies got lazy. Now if you order the stamp album pages you get a mostly blank page. The only way I know what year and where to place the stamps is by searching through stamp catalogs. A lot of the companies who sell stamps only have long lists of text telling you what is available. But if you get the Mystic's U.S. Stamp Catalog you will be delighted to see pages of imprints of all of the stamps up through a year or two from the date on the catalog. To be clear the last catalog I got was 2014, so the stamps pictured would be till 2010. If you order the catalog online or over the phone be sure to mention whether you want them to send stamps on approval. Personally, I always say no. It is like a monthly book club where they sent stamps and you pick out what you want and return the rest with your payment. It can become a problem if they claim you didn't pay for stamps sent. However, if you tell them you do not want stamps on approval and they send them anyways, consider them a free gift.

    You can find them online at: I think the catalog is still free.

    Hope this helps someone who like me collects stamps. Look forward to meeting some new cyber stamp collector friends.
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