Any Powerboat Enthusiast Here?

Discussion in 'Hobbies & Crafts' started by Cody Fousnaugh, Sep 9, 2015.

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    Aug 12, 2015
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    When I was in high school, I spent some weekends with my Uncle/Cousins on their ski boat. I also had experience boating while in the Navy.
    Wife's family owned a cottage on a nice lake northwest of Detroit, Mich.. They had a ski boat and a couple of small aluminum boats. She spent a lot of weekends at the cottage and on the ski boat when she was in high school.

    We wound up buying a 1989 16' Bowrider while living south of Denver, CO. It had a little 4 cylinder engine, but could pull up two water skiers (with full We mainly used it for fishing and "beaching"/relaxing on the sandy shore at a local reservoir. When we moved to North Carolina, didn't want to haul the boat there, so co-signed it to the Dealer we bought it from. While living in NC, started looking for a full-size cabin cruiser, but found out just how much work it would be to have one, let alone hauling it around. Came here to Florida in early 2009 and ended up buying a 1992 19' Cuddy Cabin w/a nice V-8 I/O engine. This thing can really "get up and go"! Have had it on the local river here, once on the Intracoastal in Daytona Beach and a very short time right outside the Ponce Inlet on the ocean.

    We have found out that we like lake boating much more than boating here. Unfortunately, a lot of the lakes in Florida a pretty shallow. We've been thru two Coast Guard Auxiliary Boating Classes and still don't know what the heck we are looking at as far as buoys and some Warning signs go. We will be darn glad to go back to lake boating in Colorado, when we move.
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    That sounds like it would be a whole lot of fun, @Cody Fousnaugh ! ! I have ridden with family members who had a boat and motor; but never in any kind of a cabin cruiser.

    I had a little pedal boat once, if that counts ?
    It was only a "one-woman power" little boat, so definitely not a very fast one; but it was perfect for me to go fishing with.
    I lived near Lake Mayfield in Washington State, and across the street was a little path that went down to the lake. there was a big old driftwood log there, and I kept the pedal boat tied up to that and chained so no one could steal it.
    When I wanted to go fishing, I just took my pole and tackle box and down to the lake I went. It was a pretty flat boat and no good in the waves, so I stayed close in near the shore; but I could troll along as I fished and sometimes caught myself a blueback (kokanee) for dinner.

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    When I was about 11-12 dad and I built 2 wooden jon boats. Dad sold the first one but we put the second one about 12 miles downriver in a place called "The breaks". It was a series of ponds and sloughs, all connected. to the Mississippi River by a 50 foot wide inlet. Some had deep holes that was home to crappie and the shorelines were littered with dead trees in the water and tree stumps, ideal bass country.

    We had no motor at first but by the end of summer I had saved enough to buy a used Evinrude 1 1/2 HP trolling or canoe motor. I had more fun watching dad cast lures for bass than I did fishing. When he got one on line he would giggle like a school kid as he battled the infuriated bass.

    We kept the boat chained to a tree among lots of other boats for a number of years. Then, one day it went missing.
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    I've had motor boats in the past but now I have a two man Pelican boat with a 12v trolling motor and a canoe with 2 paddles.

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