Antarctica Scientist Stabbed Colleague For Spoiling Book Endings

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    I suppose if you don't have television and all you have to keep you occupied in a desolate space, I can empathize. I'd call it a justifiable homicide.

    Source: New York Post
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    The year I spent on the isolated island on the Aleutian chain,
    we had some cases of people losing their cool, but nothing major.

    The tour was for one year, and some did get to take leave and travel
    off the island for a couple of weeks.
    Air fare was high; only one airline that flew twice aweek.
    Most of us couldn't afford that, so we just stuck it out.

    You could kind of tell when someone wasn't handling things.
    Just give them some space and keep an eye on them.

    We had diversions such as a Gym, Theater and such, but you still
    were on a small island where it was cold and windy EVERY DAY!
    Also, throw in the mix that at that time, women were not allowed to
    be posted there.

    The food was barged to us twice a year, and sometimes we got fresh veggies
    and such.
    Most times, it was canned stuff.
    Powdered milk and Powdered eggs for breakfast gets pretty old after awhile.

    I, like the subject of the story, read everything I could get my hands on.

    People who claim they are 'bored', need to try a year on this island.:)

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