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    I have an old iPod. You know what that is. Mine is a second generation, made way back there in the Apple revolution.. It’s not good for much. I used it once upon a time to get the weather late at night when storms rolled through. But the Weather bureau has long ago quit supporting this edition of iPod. Nor can I get the news any longer. That’s no longer supported either. I can’t used it to come onto Seniors Only Club or any other seniors forums. So why do I keep it?

    I have Amazon Kindle on it and I have read many books on this little thing. I still do. I’ll admit you turn the pages often but I like it. For reading big print it suits me. Before my last big Mac was burned up by a lightning strike I had downloaded about half my music onto this iPod. I plug it into my speakers and I can still listen to the music. On Sunday mornings this iPod has center stage. I occasionally play, in the wee hours when a I wake up, a game or two of Sudoku. And it has Public Radio and Tune In Radio I use occasionally.

    It has a notepad I sometime make grocery lists on or notes to remind me of something I don’t want to forget. It has a calculator and a calendar, useful for doctor’s appointments for the both of us and upcoming visits by family or others we don’t want to miss since our collective memories are not what they used to be. And of course there is iTunes and YouTube, although YouTube is severely limited what can be picked up.

    But most of all it is something my daughter gave me. She has Multiple Myeloma. Once upon a time when she first got it she had it inscribed on the back, “Denise’s first iPod that is not a hand me down!” She handed it down to me. If nothing else it is a keepsake, and when I use it I think of her and allow memories of yore to fill my mind. It’s an old iPod but it is filled with precious memories.
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    The Legend of the ipod People

    Apple Music Event 2001-The First Ever iPod Introduction

    "In this whole new digital music revolution, there is no market leader," he told the audience. "There are small companies, like Creative and SONICblue, and then there’s some large companies like Sony that haven’t had a hit yet. They haven’t found the recipe. No one has really found the recipe yet for digital music. And we think not only can we find the recipe, but the Apple brand is going to be fantastic, because people trust the Apple brand to get their great digital electronics from."
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