Amelia Earhart Mystery

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    An interesting post on the subject has raised subsequent doubts on a photo in that earlier post. These 'mysteries' never die and remain as speculative subjects forever. They do make for good reading though if you have an interest in such things as I do.

    "(CNN)A newly discovered photo that claimed to hold the key to the 80-year-old mystery surrounding Amelia Earhart's disappearance may have been published two years before she vanished, new evidence suggests.

    The blurry photo, used in a History Channel documentary, was alleged to show the groundbreaking pilot and her navigator Fred Noonan alive and well on a dock in the Marshall Islands in 1937.
    But two bloggers say they have found the photo in a Japanese coffee-table book from 1935 -- when Earhart was safely in the United States."

    Not that that will stop continuing interest and theories.

    BTW I didn't know we could simply change a threads subject or originating poster. Interesting.

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